People around this area are disappointed that Minneapolis won't be hosting WWE's premier event in 2018, but New Orleans is the best option for the show.

It won't be a huge turnaround for the WWE to return Wrestlemania to New Orleans. Wrestlemania 30 was held at the Superdome back in 2014 and now the WWE is returning there on April 8, 2018. The quick turnaround has left some people upset.

But it shouldn't.

The best city that I've been to for a Wrestlemania is New Orleans. I've been to a lot of them also. I've attended other Wrestlemania weekends in Orlando, Houston, Phoenix, San Jose, and Dallas. None of them compared to the experience as the one in NOLA.

Everything in New Orleans is centrally located. The only "difficult" travel is the cab ride from the airport to downtown New Orleans. Once downtown, the entire city is walkable. All of WWE's events (Axxess, Hall of Fame, NXT, Wrestlemania, Raw, Smackdown) will be within one mile of each other, which is uncommon compared to the other cities. Even the independent wrestling companies run buildings that are not too far from the downtown area.

Warm weather? Absolutely. Want amazing food? They have it. Drinks? More than you can imagine. Bourbon Street? An experience like no other. A huge casino right in the middle of the city to provide even more entertainment? Hello Harrah's!

The city is always ready for big events, and that is proven for anything that is brought to it. There's a reason why the Superdome has hosted seven Super Bowl events and numerous  NCAA Final Four events. It's because the city embraces every big event that it is given. Easily put, they go ALL OUT for big events.

Would Minneapolis be a great option? Absolutely. But the city needs to step up to get it. The WWE receives bids to host the annual event, and Minneapolis has lost out to Orlando and New Orleans. With the NCAA Final Four scheduled for Minneapolis in 2019, the next option would be in 2020.

If it's been a dream of yours to attend a Wrestlemania then make your plans for 2018 in New Orleans. You won't be disappointed.

- Signed by a guy that wishes Minneapolis would have got it...but is equally happy that it was given to New Orleans.

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