This can be filed under the category of stupid. A stupid decision by the All England Club to ban selfie sticks at Wimbledon is just another reason why people get turned off by tennis and other snobby sports like it.

Now me personally, I am a closet tennis fan. I like the sport, but realize many don't, so I don't bog down my radio show with tennis talk everyday.

However, that said, my admiration for the game doesn't take away from my disdain with this rule. Have we got to the point where having fun becomes obsolete because of folks who are stuck in the 1950's?

Oh no, you have to, for 5 seconds, have a "selfie stick" above your head while the patrons behind you snap a selfie. I almost feel bad for them.

This is like the ding dongs who ban cell phones at Augusta during the practice rounds. We are talking about practice right?

Some other venues across the country have banned selfie sticks too and to them I would say, " I have a place we can now put the selfie sticks and you may want to call your proctologist afterwards."

Come on folks, get with the program. It's not that less people are taking selfies with the assistance of a selfie stick, the fact of the matter is more people are. So get with the times and quit outlawing fun!

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