Logan Wright is just your standard American who left a Mustang in the dust with a Honda Civic. He says he's justified and wants help with his speeding ticket.

The young man has taken his speeding ticket story online to GoFundMe in an attempt to get his ticket paid for and some Busch Light and AC/DC CD's.

Wright was traveling on Memorial Day trying to make it to work on time when someone in a Mustang blew by him on the Interstate doing 80 MPH (that's normal for us). He says he was flipped off and that's when he decided to take manners into his own hands.

"I kissed my USA lanyard and my picture of Stone Cold Steve Austin, the best damn wrestler to ever live and starting buring the bald eagle piss. I pass the Mustang and turned up my Van Halen CD. As I was slowing down to tell the Mustang to eat s*** a State Highway Patrolmen pulls out and gets by dumbass."

That's just part of it. His exchange with the officer, who he supports by the way, was met with something you'd find out of a cartoon. It included telling the cop that he was slowing down so he could catch him, and that the Civic was filled with that "bald eagle piss and freedom."

Wright's story has led him well beyond his $500 goal to pay off the ticket. Better yet, as of Wednesday morning, he managed to convince over 165 people to donate and has over $1400 pledged to him. That's a lot of extra Busch Light and AC/DC CD's.

UPDATE: Logan has updated the GoFundMe page to say that the extra money that has been raised will be donated to the Wounded Warriors and Soldiers' Angels foundations. 

Does he have you convinced? Would you have given him any money for his speeding ticket?

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