I sat down to eat my lunch at a restaurant and another guy dining alone a couple tables over asked me: do you have a favorite football team?  

I responded with my usual: not really, I just root for the Patriots to lose.

Maybe its not fair to be judged the way number one's often are, and maybe people unfairly scrutinize you for winning too much.

The other possibility is maybe you make it really hard to root for you, or even make it really easy for people to root for you to lose.

There is also a possibility you aren't just accused of cheating, but what if you really are slightly dishonest in your winnings.

I don't spend much time on my dislike for this football team, but I do smile whenever I see them on the losing end of a game.

A 10-year old from Kentucky put some time into his dislike for the Patriots and went full blown poster board science fair project on his accusations.

I came across 10-year old Aces science fair project on a story from The Dad.

To read the entire article and see the science fair project click here.

On Super Bowl Sunday I will be rooting for the Patriots to lose, and in the game of life I will be rooting for this kid.

Sources: The Dad

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