This week thousands of people will line up and enjoy endless pancakes and sausage for the annual Lions Pancake Days at the Sioux Falls Convention Center. The event, which benefits local charities, happens from Tuesday, April 18 through Wednesday, April 19.

It's one of the longest-standing charitable events in the city, which began in 1957. And with so many volunteers and griddle-masters, the line moves incredibly fast!

Almost as rich as the syrup is its history. Here are a few fun facts you probably didn't know about the Pancake Days (unless you're a Lion or an enthusiastic cake-flipper)

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  1. The first Pancake Days was downtown Sioux Falls at the Colosseum. The Lions Club members were amazed that a line stretched over 2 blocks at opening time. They scrambled for more equipment to make the 2-hour wait times go a little quicker.
  2. The founding Lions actually invited Aunt Jemima to Pancake Days in 1957! Astonishingly, the syrup goddess actually came to Sioux Falls and was presented a key to the city.
  3. The key to the city that was given to Aunt Jemima measured 35 feet long and stretched from one side of 10th and Phillips Avenue to the other side! (I'm guessing she didn't take it home in her apron pocket.)
  4. More than 50 cars entered the opening day parade. Yes, they had a Pancake Parade. It's time to bring this back.
  5. Since its humble beginnings, Pancake Days has grown from a 4-griddle operation to 11 gigantic grills staffed by trained Lions volunteers flipping 10,560 pancakes per hour.
  6. Over 10,000 hungry people are served over the two days.

All this writing made me hungry for flapjacks. Oh, and don't forget to top off your meal with a scoop of Land O Lakes ice cream.

Thanks to all of the volunteers that make this time-honored event possible every year.


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