Not to be confused with the Argo hotel in Greece, you will definitely want to be prepared for your stay at the historic Argo Hotel in Crofton, Nebraska. Because some say it's haunted!

Yes, haunted. Owner Frank Marsh says, "I'm more of a believer now. Some of the stuff you can't just explain away. Sometimes you hear a little kid playing."

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Crofton is in northeast Nebraska. The Argo is a short drive to the widely popular Lewis and Clark Lake Recreation Area along the border on the Missouri River near Yankton, South Dakota.

This restored 1912 bed and breakfast is a place that feels like you can go back in time to when guests arrived by train and were escorted by stagecoach. Plus, GHOSTS!

Today, guests enjoy the same Victorian-style rooms on the upper floor with antiques. But still be comfortable with modern amenities like Wi-Fi, cable TV, air-conditioning, and private bathrooms. And maybe a ghostly roommate?

The TV show Ghost Hunters did an episode featuring the 1916 Croton, Nebraska hotel after contacting Marsh to conduct an investigation. While there, the investigators met a spirit that told them who to talk to about the Argo.

Frank Marsh, the owner, told the Sioux City Journal that they often get reports of pennies appearing out of nowhere.

In another room, Marsh said that they had to replace the bathroom door with a curtain because of so many reports of the door moving.


What do guests say about their stay?

An absolutely relaxing and enjoyable stay!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
I can’t say enough good things about our stay here!~Jody K.

Wonderful hosts, beautiful historic hotel, fantastic food.
Frank and Megan are top-notch hosts. Every detail of the hotel has been meticulously covered to reflect an early 1900s environment. ~ Tim P.

Don't miss your chance to experience the Argo!
The Argo Hotel is an absolute gem. I stayed there more than a decade ago and had the chance to return this past weekend. Now on, I believe, the third owners, this place has gotten better and better over the years! Frank and Megan are incredible hosts.~Nebraska Outback

The Argo also serves a hot breakfast in the morning. And, there is a steakhouse with a bar.

If you are traveling through the area or looking for a day trip, put the Argo Hotel on your list.

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