Imagine hearing a couple of years ago that a former MVP of the league would be traded for a conditional draft pick. It has happened to Adrian Peterson.

After switching uniforms this offseason from the Vikings to the New Orleans Saints, Peterson thought that he would have a resurgence of his career. He thought he was still worth the hefty price tag that the Vikings would have had to pay him to keep him ($18 million) but Minnesota let him go. Peterson signed with New Orleans for $7 million over two years with $2.5 million guaranteed.

New Orleans opened the season in Minnesota where Peterson thought he could scorch his former team. He rushed for 18 total yards in a loss and had it out with head coach Sean Payton on the sideline.

And it didn't get any better apparently in NOLA. ESPN reports that the Saints have traded Peterson to Arizona for an undisclosed conditional draft pick for 2018.

So time to switch teams again for Peterson.

Peterson has rushed for 81 yards on 27 carries in 2017 so far. That is an average of three yards per carry, or about one yard per carry better than what he did in Minnesota in 2016.

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