Alex Kennedy of Basketball Insiders joins Jeff Thurn on Wednesday's edition of Overtime. 

To hear Kennedy and Thurn's interview, listen below:

How well are the Oklahoma City Thunder playing right now? 

"I think they look great and really it is important for them to look great because they dug themselves a pretty deep hole in the beginning of the season. With the energy to Russell Westbrook, and Kevin Durant, they lost a lot of games. Look the Western Conference this year is so competitive if you lose a few games, you can drop in the standings significantly. They almost have to look perfect for the rest of the season if they want to sneak into the playoffs. If they are able to do that and get the eighth seed or seventh seed, who knows what happens. The playoffs are obviously very different. They would be a full strength and better than their record indicates at that point. So it would be interesting to see what happens. I think they do look much better lately. Westbrook, Durant are shaking off the rust and are playing very well. They've gotten nice contributions from role players and are still trying to get better. We heard reports last week they have been looking at trades. They have been looking at players like Wilson Chandler, Brook Lopez. They are definitely still active in trades as well. They could get even better which is scary for other teams in the Western Conference."

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