Some of the most helpful and interesting articles have always been found in Readers Digest. And, some pretty cool comical stories.

When it comes to holidays, Readers Digest is King as a resource for April Fools Day.

The one rule to follow on April 1 is to play nice. At least once. Then you're on your own. But, if your April Fools joke goes sideways you only have yourself to blame and there may be few to rush to your defense.

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Where did all this foolishness begin? We turn to the pages of Britannica and find out that Charles IX began the custom in 1564.

Clever tongue n cheek knock-knock jokes can induce chuckles all day long. Texting pranks will be popular.

With an entire cast of pranksters in your midst who is the one person that deserves to get pranked? Could make it a team effort.

Ladies, does your significant other need a humorous nudge?

`Babies born on March 31st are the easiest to prank on April Fools’.
They were born yesterday!

Oh, and don't forget mom and dad. But, beware. A little goes a long way. Play it safe. Your allowance and that new cellphone may be on the line.

So after all of this advice, are you prepared?

There is one other thing. If you want to avoid being a fool simply trust no one. Avoid eye contact. Don't engage in small talk with those who suddenly care about your day. Spontaneous invitations are a dead giveaway!

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