It was brought to my attention that the Valentine's Day train is speeding down the tracks and is about to crash into the station in about 3 weeks.

That means if you don't already have reservations at your favorite restaurant, you need to get on it before the opportunity passes! Or, you'll find yourself dishing up your famous tuna casserole for your valentine on February 14th! (And no one wants that. Even if they love your tuna casserole!)

Reader's Digest, with an assist from Trip Advisor, has narrowed down your choices for you to the Most Romantic Valentine's Day Restaurant in Every State.

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So which restaurant are East River South Dakotans going to be sorry they don't have? Drum roll, please!

Harvester Kitchen by Bryan in the historic 115-year-old Harvester Building in downtown Sioux Falls, at 196 East 6th Street, is the 5 circle choice in Sioux Falls and the "most romantic" restaurant for Valentine's Day in South Dakota!

Chef Bryan Moscatello's reasons for moving to Sioux Falls from Washinton, D.C. where he ran The Oval Room, which he describes as, "right across the street from the White House", were tri-fold.

  1. His wife Jaimie is a Sioux Falls girl
  2. Rising crime in Washington, D.C.
  3. The pandemic

He has run restaurants in Colorado, California, and Chicago too, but his philosophy has never changed, he wants to use locally sourced products and the restaurant's atmosphere should be warm and welcoming.

He describes the food as "innovative American cooking based in classic old-world technique".

The reviews I read about the restaurant made my mouth water and the passion with which the reviewers wrote was impressive. This is just one of them- -

What a great dining experience. I’ve been wanting to for awhile. Finally got a chance to take my wife out for a holiday dinner. The level of service and knowledge by the staff is simply amazing. Great explanations of everything on the drink, food, and dessert menus. Great presentation and the wait staff seems to be perfectly choreographed to arrive right on time. We had a nice bottle of wine, the crab croquettes, mussels, and octopus as starters. The pork cheeks and tenderloin and main course and the crème brûlée for dessert. All were amazing. My favorite was the pork cheeks and the crab croquettes, but would not hesitate to order all of these again. Very few restaurants in Sioux Falls could match this dining experience. Well done!

So this may be the place you should try, to impress your sweetie with this Valentine's Day.

Sources: Reader's Digest, Trip Advisor, and Dakota News Now

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