It had been a long wait for the city of Sioux Falls, but the news in 2019 that a Dave and Busters was on the way had the whole city buzzing about the new and long overdue announcement.

But just like many things in 2020, we were all left with disappointment when the news broke that the Dave and Busters construction was on halt.

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The Sioux Falls Business Journal reported in April of 2020, the corporate offices of Dave and Busters had halted all new construction including the new location in Sioux Falls.

Since that decision, the concrete facility has stood dormant with a sign saying "Coming Soon Dave and Busters" out front as the only connection to what many hoped would be a grand addition to the community.

Dave and Busters Location Sioux Falls - Jeff Thurn Townsquare Media
Dave and Busters Location Sioux Falls - Jeff Thurn Townsquare Media

The Lake Lorraine development has been co-developed and back in April of 2020, they were optimistic things would get back going eventually.

In the same article from the Sioux Falls Business Journal, they spoke with Steve Van Buskirk and he said this about the situation at the time.

“I think it’s just a pause button. They’re under contract, and they know they are under contract and the building is there for them. We just have to wait for the dust to settle to get back at it again. We’re assuming they’re going to be here and honor the contract. That’s what we’re hoping for and expecting. I think they’re taking the necessary steps to keep the company going”- Sioux Falls.Business.

Over the last few months, we have reached out to both Van Buskirk Construction and the Dave and Busters Corporate Office for comment and have not received an update.

As a frequent visitor of Dave and Busters every time I can get a chance in other cities, I sure hope this is still only a pause and the new location will begin construction sooner rather than later. 

For folks who were hoping like me that the new Dave and Busters would open soon, there are some glimmers of hope throughout the company as they recently announced an open date for their new Seattle area location.

Bellevue, WA will open their new location on August 30 and are planning to hire 130 new employees for the second Dave and Busters location in the area.

With construction resuming in other parts of the country on new locations, hopefully, Sioux Falls will get the same news as well.

For more information on Dave and Busters, locations, and other news, you can visit their website.



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