Ask anyone who knows me, I have been as harsh as anyone on LeBron at every point in his career. But at the end of the day, the discussion for best player in the league is simple.. It starts and stops with the king and he deserves nothing but your basketball respect.

Even if you think that Jordan is still the greatest of all-time, you can't argue that LeBron deserves to be in the conversation of G.O.A.T. with Jordan.

LeBron has hands down been the best player in the league since 2007, but I feel that he's never gotten the same respect as Jordan did.

Sure, there's been a few things that have been highly questionable and are hard to defend. Like The Decision where he publicly announced he was signing with Miami in free agency.

Or losing to the Mavericks in 2011 after joining forces with DWade and Bosh, a loss that he should take heat for. Or losing to the Spurs in 2014 after winning two straight championships. Or even how big of a baby he is when he get's asked a question he doesn't like.

The fact the man has been to 8 straight NBA Finals deserves your respect by itself. Everyone wants to get into records, points per game,  LeBron's losses in the Finals (07 is more impressive than disappointing) and how he creates super teams (which Jordan was on and you have to be to win now).

But at the end of the day, LeBron has three championships and has had outrageously proficient stats every single year. In the last ten seasons, LeBron has average at least 25 points and has only dropped below 48 percent shooting once. He 's averaged at least 6 rebound and 6 assist every year except his rookie year.

LeBron has had to play against some of the greatest teams of all-time (Spurs, Warriors) and Jordan didn't see that level of competition over and over. Let's cut the crap, Jordan was also on a super team and didn't find success until the Bulls got Pippen and Grant.

So to say that Kevin Durant is the best player in the league right now is "blasphemous". LeBron belongs in the greatest of all-time conversation, he might not have passed him yet but it's time we show the guy some damn respect.


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