There isn't much love lost between C.J. McCollum and Chandler Parsons, mostly because there wasn't any love to begin with.

The Portland Trail Blazers and Memphis Grizzlies typically battle on the hardwood, but this weekend saw the battle extend onto social media and Twitter.

It all started with some (mostly) innocent jabs at Grizzlies' small forward Chandler Parsons after he air-balled a 3-pointer from the right wing.

Parsons, who was 2-for-6 from the field during Friday night's contest, took to Twitter to defend himself. Or maybe he just wanted to inflict pain...

I'm not going to say this quip was a direct hit because the Grizzlies are in seventh-place in the Western Conference at 28-21 (as of Monday). Portland sits at 21-28, but that's only 1.5 GB Denver for the final playoff spot in the Western Conference.

C.J. McCollum, who shot 7-of-11 and scored 18 points against Parsons' Grizzlies, defended his Trail Blazers on Twitter.

And because Parsons couldn't afford to let the Twitter battle end on that note, he fired off one final tweet regarding the issue.

To me, it's pretty obvious that McCollum won the Twitter war. His quick shot at Parsons appeared to land a staggering blow. Plus, Portland is only 1.5 GB of Denver. If Portland overcomes that deficit and makes the playoffs, it renders Parsons' entire attack as false.

Now Parsons' Grizzlies have been the better team this season, and it's entirely possible they finish well ahead of Portland in the Western Conference standings. But Parsons might want to make sure he's healthy enough to stay on the court for that playoff run.

And he should work on his comebacks.

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