Over the years we have seen barbeque joints come and go. Sadly, we've had our share make their mark here in Sioux Falls only to flame out altogether. One was Big Rig BBQ which when it came on the scene I couldn't get enough of their pulled pork. Still missing them today.

Nebraska Bar B Que Joint is Worth the Drive from Sioux Fall

Of course, Famous Dave's out of Hayward, Wisconsin franchised and has locations all over the country and internationally.

A few years ago Minnesota Monthly published the Best Barbecue In Minnesota. What I really like seeing is original stand-alone joints. Minnesota has some outstanding 'smokers' extending from Duluth to Rochester.

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But I couldn't overlook one famous barbeque landmark that recently closed its door and let the wood smoke cool down for good.


Pecos Bill’s BBQ had been dishing out smoked meats for 76 years. Recently the owner Jerry Redman passed away from a heart attack, and the Glendale, California establishment is now closed for good.

Tim P.
Randsburg, CA
I have been going to Pecos Bills for 59 years . I used to live on the street right behind the restaurant (Garden Street )
The food here is just amazing . The flavors are very specific . Nothing else, no where else, is as good as this place .
It is comforting for me to go to a place that doesnt change . The owners do a service greater than just making wonderful food . In A way they reassure us that care and quality dont have to change at least not on their watch . So many places I remember around there are gone now . Zups a fast food place across the street ..Dicks automotive repair shop .The Arrow Market . All just faded memories . It is reassuring to me when ever I visit my old stomping grounds that Pecos is still open and still making just fantastic food . I remember once about 1964 or so they had a fire there and the place closed for a long time . My entire family rejoiced when it reopened .
Running a restaurant is tedious hard work . Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your labor and commitment to quality has not gone unnoticed .



Think about it, Pecos Bill's opened its doors to patrons right after World War II. You know the good times and bad times small business has been through over that period of time.

Redman was 64 when he died earlier this month. Spanning more than a quarter of a century Pecos Bill's was one of the longest-running restaurants in all of Los Angeles County.

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