The City of Sioux Falls has an ordinance on where a garbage or recycling container can be stored outside.

The City defines three different types of storage containers:

  • Garbage container
  • Recycling container
  • Yard waste container

The City says that a container must be stored in an inconspicuous place either behind or beside a structure at all times, even on collection day. When storing a container, it should be reasonably accessible to a licensed commercial garbage hauler.

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The only exception to this rule is if the garbage hauler designates special collection day placement. This location can be anywhere "other than curbside." Containers cannot be placed "at the curb" at any time and the City does enforce this. If the hauler does not designate this special exception, then the container must be stored in a way that it is not seen, including collection day.

The City defines "other than curbside" as areas not encroaching on the public right of way. This includes the sidewalk surface and the area between the sidewalk surface and the paved street.

Even with an exemption granted by the hauler, the container must not be on the sidewalk or the area between the sidewalk and street at any time. The City says residents who have been granted an exception can bring their containers no further than the sidewalk's edge.

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