Sioux Falls Stampede head coach Cary Eades joins Jeff Thurn on Wednesday's edition of Overtime. 

The Stampede play their season-opener against Waterloo on Saturday at the brand-new PREMIER Center. Read and hear the conversation between Eades and Thurn below:

The Stampede would like to sell out the PREMIER Center Saturday night. Thurn asks Eades if he has a vision of what that night might look like: 

"Well it's going to be a fantastic experience, I know that. Both as a player, coach and for sure as a fan. To have the experience they are going to have with the sight lines and how beautiful the building is. Everything that goes into the Denny and the fan experience. The video screens, the video ring. You know some places where you can get your favorite beverages. So, there's going to be something for everybody. The sight lines are fantastic. We've been able to practice a little bit. It's got lively in-boards. It's going help some pucks bounce in front of the net. We are just excited to get the first game there and it's going to be a great night for the Stampede, our history and for our fans. Hopefully, bring out a lot new fans to the game of hockey and expose them to the game that haven't seen it much before."

Eades goes in depth about the sight lines at the PREMIER Center: 

"Well the old arena, the Sioux Falls Arena was a very good facility to us for 15 years of existence. But it was built for basketball. So the basketball court is quite a bit narrower than a hockey ice sheet. So, going to a Storm game, the football team has the same problems (as the Stampede). They use they same size field, and in fact, their turf was inside of our boards and actually use the boards. You couldn't see the first ten feet of the surface unless you looked up at the video screen. This (PREMIER Center) has a great catch for hockey, as far as the seating is concerned. You can see all the play from every seat. There isn't a bad seat in the house and it has fantastic sight lines. It also has quite a pitch that is nice and steep, so you kind of feel like you are on top of the action both as a fan and then it's an intimidating presence to the visiting team."

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