The NFL is all about winning but even more so, the NFL is about that business.

Kansas City Chiefs veteran offensive lineman Cameron Erving is the latest to experience that harsh reality of the NFL.

After helping the Chiefs win the Super Bowl over the San Francisco 49ers, Erving will now enter free agency after the Chiefs declined to give him a contract extension.

The Chiefs acquired the former first-round draft pick in 2017 via trade from the Cleveland Browns for a fifth-round pick at the time.

There will be plenty of teams interested in Erving on the open market as the depth at that position is highly coveted.

The Erving departure is a harsh reality of what NFL teams and especially those who are successful deal with each offseason.

In the case of Kansas City, they are going to have to continue over the next couple of years to make tough cap decisions as they continue to be successful knowing their players will be commanding higher value contacts.