Sioux Falls Skyforce forward Craig Smith joined Jeff Thurn on Tuesday's edition of Overtime.

Before playing in the NBA, and NBADL, he played college basketball at Boston College.

Smith talks about why he choose to play for the Skyforce to help him get back to the NBA? 

"Well, I wasn't playing of recent. I was pretty much at home and the opportunity to put myself in position to get out there for NBA general managers to see me and I felt this would be the right way."

After his sixth season in the NBA with Portland, Smith went overseas. He talks about why choose to play basketball in another country, and how it helped him develop his game? 

"I just think it as a chance to look at other options. Obviously, I've done a good six years in the league, but I felt at some point, there was kind of a mix of nobody that was pretty much interested in me. So, I started to take my talents overseas, and you know, to be able to live abroad and see what that's like."

Smith on his transition from Boston College to the NBA? 

"I think it was my second year where I really got a grasp how the business side worked. I mean, it was very overwhelming in the beginning. Obviously, you were pushed out, and pushed to play, but then when you start realizing other things start to factor in, that's when it settles in."

With the Skyforce in the playoffs, and Thurn asks Smith what it is like to play with Sioux Falls?

"These guys are good. They are young talented guys, and I didn't want to come in, stepping on anyone's toes. They welcomed me with open arms, everybody's been great, and it's been a blast."

As one of the older players on the Skyforce, Smith reflects on being a veteran:

"I'm a vet. You know it's a different approach, but at the same time, it helps me develop more of my leadership skills on the floor, especially when I can see things that they probably don't see. I can be able to pull them to side, or talk to the team in general about current situations at hand."

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