Experience South Dakota's Most Popular Hike

Imagine standing alongside ten other hikers and your backdrop is the fingernail of one of South Dakota's most famous sculptures.

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There are dozens of great South Dakota hiking trails for any level. On Saturday, June 1 the most popular organized hike in the United States will take place in the southern Black Hills. The Annual Crazy Horse Memorial® Volksmarch has drawn 15,000 participants in a record year.

Crazy Horse Memorial
Crazy Horse Memorial

The spring Volksmarch will be one day only with 5k and 10k route options.

Face-To-Face With Crazy Horse

Your reward at the end of each route is an up-close experience with the Crazy Horse Mountain Carving with its astonishing face and newly completed extended hand.

Travel South Dakota
Travel South Dakota

As the world’s largest sculpture in progress almost daily, in 2023 the Crazy Horse Mountain Carving celebrated its 75th Anniversary.

Admission For The Spring Volksmarch

The Spring Crazy Horse Memorial Volksmarch is a family event with admission to the Memorial for hikers to be waived with a donation of three canned food items.

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Parking is free, with courtesy shuttle buses operating between the outlying parking lots and the start-finish area.

Crazy Horse Memorial
Crazy Horse Memorial

Second Chance To Hike Crazy Horse

If the first Saturday in June doesn't fit your schedule mark your calendar for September 29th for the Fall Crazy Horse Memorial Volksmarch.

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