There aren't many things harder to come by these days than securing a pair of NFL season tickets.

Just ask Jim and Amer Hayes.

The couple had been on a waiting list for seven years before they were finally able to become season ticket holders for their beloved Denver Broncos, back in 2011.

But that relationship ended without warning this off-season, when the team revoked the couple's seats.

The Broncos pulled the season tickets for one reason - the Hayes' lack of attendance over the past two years.

It is true that the couple were only able to attend two regular season home games (both in 2015) over those two seasons, but they had pretty good reasons for their absences.

According to SB Nation:

Jim Hayes said that he and Amber had been married 12 years before they were finally able to become pregnant with their first child. The couple’s older son, Nolan, was born just before the 2015 season started. With a newborn at home, it just wasn’t feasible for the Hayeses to attend more than two games in 2015.

And during the 2016 season, the Hayeses were doing fertility treatments to try to have a second child. Doctors recommend that women who undergo those treatments take it easy throughout the pregnancy.

The tickets didn't go unused. The couple re-sold them using the league-sanctioned, which allows season ticket holders to legally resell seats.

But because they sold their tickets to every game last season, that triggered a red flag for the team, which apparently has a policy to revoke tickets from season ticket holders who miss an entire season.

The problem is that policy isn't spelled out anywhere. The team is hiding behind the 'right to refuse service to anyone, anytime' excuse. They do have that right, but that doesn't make it right in this instance.

I understand the Broncos trying to protect their precious tickets from being commandeered by some ticket scalpers who are more interested in making a buck than supporting their team, but it seems like one phone call to a long-time season ticket holder could have avoided this situation.

But then again, when you have 75,000 people on your season ticket waiting list, like the Broncos do, I suppose you really don't care about one couple's problems.

That's a shame.

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