Sioux Falls has been known as the land of 10,000 orange cones this summer.

And it appears Sioux Falls will continue to be a detour city as construction season rolls on with no sign of stopping until the first blizzard. Which could mean the end of October in this state. Need I remind anyone of Snowtober in 1991. That's the year Mother Nature played the ultimate trick on the Sioux Empire by dumping 8.8 inches of snow on us on Halloween. As if Halloween wasn't scary enough already, right?

How about we get a prayer chain going to ensure something like that doesn't happen again this year? I mean, it sure would be nice to get more than just 20 minutes of fall-like weather for a change.

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One thing we can count on is seeing, is more road construction signs in some parts of the city until at least the end of November as things stand right now.

According to Pigeon 605, the major construction project from 26th Street between Fifth Avenue and South Seventh Avenue is finally done. Traffic has returned to normal in that area.

10th Street was closed at Phillips Avenue late last week due to a water main break. That portion of the road is also open again, however, the city plans on doing more repairs in that vicinity in the coming days.

If you travel Minnesota Avenue from 57 Street to Saint Andrew's Drive with any regularity, you have probably noticed that traffic has switched over to the newly constructed concrete in the southbound lanes. Pigeon 605 is reporting that crews are ready to begin the next phase of that project right now. Expect to see Daryl and Daryl and a few orange barrels in that area until the end of November.

Have you noticed the blocks of orange pylons lining the sidewalk of West 41st Street recently? They are coming into play as street crews begin to work on the outside eastbound lane of 41st Street from Valley View Road/Holbrook Avenue to Marion Road. That far eastbound lane will be closed until late October. However, two lanes of eastbound traffic on 41st will remain active, as crews utilize the center turn lane to help facilitate that switch.

49th and Louise Ave has also a consistent ongoing construction project within the Sioux Falls area.

As of Monday (September 20), street crews began working on 2nd Avenue between 12th Street and 13th Street. Expect a slow go through that section of the road for at least a couple of weeks.

And finally, one of the last remaining projects of the season is the concrete repair work slated to happen on 12th Street from I-29 to Marion Road. Crews will begin work on that starting on Wednesday (September 22). Pigeon 605 says we can expect to deal with that stretch of construction throughout the fall.

Source: Pigeon 605

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