The same week we found out that South Dakota is the second most gambling-addicted state in America, comes a chance for the most degenerate among us to live up to that reputation by placing a bet - not on the outcome of a game or race - but on the NFL Draft.

If you've got some money burning a hole in your pocket and video lottery and scratch-off tickets aren't doing it for you anymore, you can plunk down a wager on the pro football's biggest off-season event, which commences tonight (April 26) in Dallas.

According to OddsShark, there are no shortage of ways for you to bet the draft.

You can keep things simple and wager on who will be selected first overall. But if you choose, you can go much deeper in the woods with bets on the first wide receiver picked, the total number of defensive or offensive players selected in the first round, or how many running backs or quarterbacks will go in the first 32 picks.

If you really want to take a flyer, you can bet on whether the first three players selected will be quarterbacks or even if the last player of the first round or last player of the draft will be on the offensive of defensive side of the ball.

Or if you choose, you can save your money so something more sensible. Like betting on the name of the latest royal baby.

Yes that's a thing...