It's been awhile, ESPN 99.1 was very gracious to give me a couple months of sabbatical after the Super Bowl.

I admittedly have been a little checked out from reading sports articles and even checking Twitter, which I follow mostly sports accounts. 

After LeBron's big game tonight, I jumped on Twitter to see what the universe would have to say and what I found absolutely appalled me...

"Hey LeBron, were good bro. You can go.... we're all good here."

SHAME ON YOU COLIN COWHERD! SHAME ON YOU, SHAME ON YOU, SHAME ON YOU. You're damn right you owe someone an apology, how dare you sit there and pretend that Ben Simmons is on LeBron James' level right now.

If I had heard this at noon today, I would have been just as appalled as I am now, so don't play the "in the moment game" card against me.

I have been a big supporter of the Sixers, Ben Simmons and even Joel Embiid through all the ups and downs. I have always said, at some point the Sixers are going to be a damn good team with all that young talent they've rostered.

But let's pump the breaks and not forget the washed up, broken down messes in Cleveland that LeBron has carried all season. Simmons time will come, but he hasn't dethroned the king yet.

LeBron is still the most valuable player in the NBA and I don't care what anyone says or who wins the "MVP" this year. 

Don't get me wrong, Simmons had an absolutely great "first" season and the guy is going to be a top player in the league in the future. But not right now, he's not on LeBron's, Curry's, Durant's, Leonard's, Harden's or Westbrook's level yet.

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