If you are like many people these days, you can't survive without your streaming services and I am also one of those people.

Whether it is Disney+ for the kiddos, Netflix, Amazon Prime, or ESPN+, they are all currently at our home.

Moving forward though, one of those streaming services is going to cost just a little bit more each month.

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ESPN+ has announced that their streaming service will go up in price beginning in August.

Beginning August 13, the price of ESPN+ will increase to $6.99 monthly and annual subscription costs will go up as well.

The total of the costs will add about $20 more annually for subscribers of ESPN+.

Even though ESPN+ is increasing the price, the Disney bundle price will stay the same for the time being.

It can certainly be annoying when prices go up, but only increasing it by $1 per month and a total of $20 annually, it makes it reasonable enough that most people won't be leaving the platform.

For more information on ESPN+ or to get the latest sports news, you can visit ESPN's website.


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