Following the departure this offseason of beat reporter Courtney Cronin, ESPN has named a new beat writer and reporter for the Minnesota Vikings.

Cronin departed this offseason to take a similar role with ESPN covering the Chicago Bears after being with the Vikings since 2017.

Longtime ESPN 'NFL Nation' reporter Kevin Seifert will be the new addition, and announced the move via his Twitter:

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Some news: I'm moving to a new role at ESPN. Let's call it Vikings/pro football. I'll be responsible for covering the Vikings while continuing to report on some other areas of interest: Officiating, rules, player health, alternative leagues. Hopefully some new stuff, too.

Per an article from Bring Me the News:

Seifert has been with ESPN since 2008 when he joined the station to cover the NFC North.

Los Angeles Rams v Minnesota Vikings
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Prior to this, he'd covered the Vikings for the Star Tribune and the Baltimore Orioles for the Washington Times.

The Minnesota Vikings are coming off of an 8-9 finish to last season, and are looking for their first playoff appearance since 2019.

Minnesota Vikings Introduce Kevin O'Connell
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Sources: Kevin Seifert Twitter and Bring Me The News

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