ESPN's Andy Katz joins Jeff Thurn on Tuesday's edition of Overtime to discuss the possibility of the NCAA Division I basketball tournament coming to Sioux Falls. 

Hear all of the conversation between Katz and Thurn right here:

Earlier today, Katz said that Sioux Falls is a candidate to host the First Four at the Sanford Premier Center. On Overtime, Katz tells listeners how close the city is to landing the opening round of the NCAA tournament: 

"Well, Sioux Falls is with Dayton right now as the two that have gone public saying that they are bidding for the First Four. There are apparently a couple of other contenders...Sioux Falls is obviously making a strong bid to do this. Clearly, we have seen with what they have done hosting Wisconsin-St. John's last year. This year, they have Memphis-Wichita State (at Sanford Pentagon). They are clearly trying to get into the picture of major college basketball and is an interesting alternative to Dayton, Ohio. I would give them a decent chance..if the NCAA is looking for a new venue to sort of expose the game, you know I think it's a viable alternative."

Dayton, Ohio has been the previous host.

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(Courtesy City of Sioux Falls)