Eytan Shander of NBC Sports joined Jeff Thurn on Tuesday's edition of Overtime. 

Shander (@ShanderShow) is on NBC Sports Talk radio with former NFL players Rodney Harrison and Amani Toomer.

Shander discusses is LeBron James should opt out of his contract after this season and become a free agent or stay in South Beach: 

"Well, I think honestly if you can weather a storm, which may be a year, maybe you can convince Dwyane Wade and who knows, I'm sure Pat Riley and LeBron, the combination of the two could do it. I don't think LeBron should take any less money than he is right now. I know he made money off the Heat. But I'm talking about the best player in the NBA not taking a pay cut. I'm okay with that. If they can convince Wade and Christ Bosh to take cuts and for the better of the roster, even if LeBron throws himself in there, too. You weather the storm. Wade's not going to be around for awhile at all. Miami is the destination. South Beach, the tax breaks. LeBron James the best player in the NBA. Where else are you going to go where you can afford those luxuries that visiting teams don't. New York can't do it. Chicago can't do. Maybe L.A. So, are you going to go to the Lakers and deal with Kobe Bryant for a year and a half? Are you going to go the Clippers and have them move everybody, but Chris Paul just to bring you in? I don't know. It looks like it is a very difficult decision logistically to leave Miami as opposed to, ok guys, how can I get Wade to take a lot less money? From what we saw, he (Wade) aged exponentially over night in the Finals. Take less money and I think Miami is the place to stay. I wouldn't be shocked if all three are back, by no means."

Shander on James' legacy after losing to the San Antonio Spurs in the NBA Finals in five games:

"Well, I am a big fan of the guy. I just think he plays the game at a level we haven't seen in a long time. I also am mid-30's, older 30's, so, Michael Jordan is anything and everything in the NBA to me. I get that. I don't like the comparisons, and I think LeBron has stood out on his own. Look Magic and Bird have had rough Finals records. It's not the end of the world. He's the best player on the planet. He's the best player of his generation right now. I think that's where it stops. Honestly, right now, where he is at in his career, I think that's ok, JT, for just a stop and we acknowledge he's not Jordan, but at the same time, he's best player in the game for the next three to three and a half years."

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Miami Heat vs San Antonio Spurs, 2014 NBA Finals, Game 3
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