The debate on who the greatest player in football and baseball needs to be judged differently than basketball. In football and baseball, there's too many other people involved in the game and one player cannot dominate the way one can basketball. 

I've said this for the last couple of years and everyone always tries to debate me because he doesn't have the rings, but Aaron Rodgers is the greatest quarterback to ever play the quarterback position and finally someone agreed. 

I can already see the pure disgust from people but let's just be honest. To be considered the greatest, means you're the best at your craft. And that my friend is Mr. Rodgers. The bad man is the hands down the most talented quarterback to ever play this game.

Most of the time the poor guy has to run for his life and still ends up throwing a complete rocket in the exact place it needs to be. He's not perfect, but until someone can find another quarterback who can make better throws under this kind of pressure, he's at the top of my list.

Here's just a few and I can tell you that the 2015 throw to James Jones in the back of the endzone on the run, is the best damn throw I'll ever see in person.

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