Communication, even in the digital age of instant information, can still be very complicated at times. Especially when making plans for the weekend.

When discussing what is or could happen on the upcoming Saturday or Sunday, people have a range of generally defining that weekend. Most of those come down to it being either "this weekend" or "next weekend."

According to a YouGov poll of Britons, 56 percent of them would call October 2 and 3 "next weekend." 40 percent of them would call it "this weekend."

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We asked South Dakotans which one they would say. For clarity, we asked them on September 28 what they would call the weekend of October 2 and 3.

  • For this coming weekend you say this coming weekend. For the following weekend you would say not this weekend but next weekend
  • Oct 2nd is this weekend
  • I always say this previous weekend is coming weekend or the weekend after next cause cause my family doesn't know how to listen
  • You can say not this upcoming weekend but the weekend after
  • "This last weekend" always 😂
  • I say this last weekend, or this upcoming weekend
  • Last weekend had passed. This weekend is coming up THIS weekend. Next weekend is the week after.
  • I think you said this weekend when starting on Monday because he would save this week so this weekend would be during that week which is Monday through Sunday
  • I would say this coming weekend, anything past Next weekend needs a date
  • I say this past weekend for the previous, this weekend for the one we are are, next weekend for the next weeks.
  • I say "this weekend." Sometimes I qualify it with "this coming weekend." If it's Monday, I would say "this last weekend" to avoid confusion.

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