You would think weekly snow storms would be enough to satisfy those who love the winter months. Not in Minnesota! Let's talk ice.

Tucked into the suburb of Egan is an icy labyrinth known as the Minnesota Ice Maze.

At the Viking Lakes complex visitors can explore this giant life-size puzzle that took workers several days to construct. It's part of the Winter Skolstice!

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After walking through the maze you will discover Minnesota's iconic ice sculptures including Prince, Minnesota Lynx, and Minnesota Timberwolves.

The layout of the ice maze is the ultimate winter family adventure with games, skating, hot drinks, and snacks available.

And, if you go at night you will witness the colored light ice displays.

Open through February 19, the Minnesota Ice Maze is all dependent upon the weather. Just the other day when the temps rose and it began raining it forced the exhibit to be closed.

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