Someone killed and cut the head off a tame deer by Lennox, South Dakota. Farm owners wanna know who did it. They have offered a reward for information.

Good Earth Farm is just south of Sioux Falls by Lennox. This is how they describe themselves on Facebook...

“The Good Earth Farm is a place to enjoy a day on the prairie. We grow chemical-free produce, host a campground, and offer a unique event venue for weddings, graduations, family reunions, and more.

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Stop out to meet our rescue farm animals, take a stroll along the creek, or to pick up some locally grown produce in season.”

If you've followed Good Earth Farm on Facebook you've most likely seen posts on the tame deer named Pearl that lives there.

Lots of folks have followed and commented on Pearl's adventures at Good Earth Farm. She is a cute, lovable, young deer whose pictures on social media have produced lots of likes and smiles.

This weekend Good Earth Farm put up a sad and disturbing post on their Facebook page...

“$2,500.00 reward for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of the person who killed, decapitated, and dumped the deer off the bridge on 283rd Street just west of 466th Avenue south of Lennox. For the record, we aren't certain this is Pearl, but she went missing about the time it showed up. So it appears likely.”

Cinda Wilson commented on the post saying: “The level of disgust that I’m feeling right now is unexplainable! How could they? The things that I want to say right now I can’t put on social media!”

I agree with Cinda.

Good Earth State Park-South Dakota

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