Sioux Falls Police Park Officers responded to a report of a man being repeatedly stabbed in the head with a drill bit.

A little after 7 on Sunday morning Sioux Falls Police responded to a call of two men fighting at Heritage Park in the northeastern part of the city.

Heritage Park Sioux Falls-Google Maps
Heritage Park Sioux Falls-Google Maps

According to Public Information Officer Sam Clemens, the two men knew each other.

At one point 32-year-old Madit Kolang Mogndal walked up to the 45-year-old victim and repeatedly stabbed him in the head with a drill bit.

Someone in the park separated the two and the police were called. Mogndal had left the area.

The stabbing victim was taken to an area hospital. He received treatment and the injuries were deemed non-life-threatening.

Mogndal was later found, arrested, and charged with Aggravated Assault and Driving Revoked.

There is no word on what the argument was about. The victim said the suspect just attacked him out of nowhere.

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