A group of guys walked into a Sioux Falls store on Wednesday and bought $1,600 dollars worth of gift cards using 16 fake hundred dollar bills.

According to Public Information Officer Sam Clemens, a group of 3 or 4 guys walked into the Walgreens at 41st Street and Louise Avenue on Wednesday and passed 16 counterfeit hundred dollar bills.

They used the fake $100 dollar bills to purchase gift cards.

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The group of guys then went to the Walgreen at 26th Street and Minnesota Avenue and tried to pass more fake hundred-dollar bills.

However, the clerk at the 26th St. and Minnesota Walgreens recognized that they were fake bills.

The counterfeit $100 dollar bills were not described as 'movie picture use' or 'Hollywood' money. The store clerk determined that the texture or feel of the money was waxy or 'off'.

Also, the security features including the strip and the watermark were not correct in the bills but the main thing was the feel was different than it should have been.

Officer Clemens stated that “most of the time when people pass bills it is probably singular. 16 is very unusual. To have 16 $100 bills, that's pretty unusual.”

The SFPD is in the process of reviewing surveillance video but it is assumed that it is the same group of guys that went from one store to the other store.

All four are described as African-American in their 30's to 40. No arrests have been made at this time.

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