Roger Goodell covered a wide range of topics at his press conference on Tuesday afternoon, including the dead time during games.

A couple of the things that Goodell discussed included instant replay, time between scores and kickoffs, announcements such as challenges, and commercial breaks.

Goodell first talked about possibly bringing the surface tablet to the sideline so that the head official could use it right away during replays.


Something else the NFL is considering is adding a play clock type of system between the extra point and kickoffs. Which would likely take away a few commercials breaks and give teams less time to rest before kickoff.

The most interesting thing the NFL is considering is bringing down the number of commercial breaks in general. Currently, the league requires 20 commercial breaks a game and splits the breaks up 10 per half. Goodell talked about bringing that number down to 4 breaks a quarter.

Lastly, Goodell mention that announcements during the game could be cut down as well. He mention specifically challenges and how the league would do away with announcing a team has challenged. I would image that this would also include announcements like team timeouts and explanations of rules.

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