Lots of us like to spice up our food just a bit with some paprika. Others prefer just a sprinkle or two or three of good ol' pepper. Maybe some Cayenne pepper or even a shot of chili powder.

Well, you know who else loves the peppers?

Bugs. Especially that paprika. It's kind of like their main dish.

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This time of year bugs can be pesky when grilling out. But the fact is, they can be a problem inside, right there in your spice rack. According to CookingLight, the pantry is a real party spot for bugs.

The little buggers really, really love pepper. An entomologist from the University of Nebraska says paprika and cayenne in particular can have a high prevalence of insect filth in relation to other imported spices.

Doesn't that sound nice.

The good news is that the article has some great tips on keeping the invaders out.

And don't spend a lot of time thinking about the pests. Enjoy that super summer food with a little spice added...and I'll have my steak well done.

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