Just how bad are people hooked on smoking? This is going to be a shock. According to the American Lung Association, the average daily smoker lights up 15 cigarettes a day.

Here's another jolt. If you pay an average of $6.00 per day on smoking cigarettes, that rings up to over $2,100 in one year. But that doesn't hold a candle to what some states charge for a pack.

In a report from World Population Review, smokers in South Dakota are now shelling out an average of $7.99 per pack. And, the state applies a cigarette excise tax of $1.53 per pack and a $0.23 sales tax.

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Slightly over 18% of South Dakota residents are smoking. What's sad is that 12% of the population are youth.

Add it up over a year's time and state residents who smoke a pack of cigarettes a week spend about $347.88 a year. Does that seem low?


Minnesota is ranked fifth in the country, where a pack of smokes will cost you $10.49. The state applies a cigarette excise tax of $3.04 per pack plus a $0.54 sales tax.

Throughout one year North Star State residents will spend about $474.76 a year polluting themselves. Does that still seem low?


What state has the highest price for a pack of cigarettes? That would be New York at $11.96 per pack.

Now do the math!

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