Football fans have been treated to some of the best behind-the-scenes views of the NFL through the lens of Netflix.

Netflix subscribers were treated to the Emmy-winning docuseries "Quarterback" in the summer of 2023. Netflix followed the 3 separate journeys of NFL QB's Patrick Mahomes, Kirk Cousins, and Marcus Mariota.

Many sports fans would argue that there is no harder position to play in sports than Quarterback, and the docuseries showcased what these 3 players' lives were like on the field and off.  NFL fans got an inside look at what they did to prepare for games, how they navigated time with their families during an NFL season, and the highs/lows of playing QB in an NFL season.

After the incredible success Quarterback brought to the streaming platform, NFL fans will now get an in-depth look at NFL players from a different position.


Netflix will release a follow-up series to Quarterback on July 10th called Receiver. This docuseries will follow 5 of the best pass catchers in the NFL and their journies through the 2023-2024 NFL season. The series will feature 5 players and one of those pass catchers is former Iowa Hawkeye, and current 49er, George Kittle.

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Kittle is regarded as one of the best players in his position in the NFL. The Tight-End has played in 2 Super Bowls and has yet to take home a Lombardi Trophy.

The other players featured are Justin Jefferson (Minnesota Vikings), Davante Adams (Las Vegas Raiders), Deebo Samuel (San Francisco 49ers), and Amon Ra St. Brown (Detroit Lions).

In a recent appearance on the "Bussin With the Boys Podcast, Kittle breaks down how he was approached about being featured in Netflix's new series.

Kittle does talk about not having an issue with being mic'd up and overall it was a lot of fun. Being followed home after games took time to get used to but for the most part, he had fun being part of Receiver and his only complaint was "there needs to be 12 episodes." 

Kansas City Chief, Travis Kelce, is also regarded as one of the best Tight Ends in football. Netflix did approach Travis about being featured in the docuseries but ultimately turned it down. According to CBS Sports, Travis said

After [Patrick Mahomes] did it, I did get asked about it. I'd rather just play ball, man; I'm already doing enough with the podcast and everything. I'm way over the reality s***, dude. I'm out on that.

Netflix will air Receiver this Wednesday (July 10) and will feature eight, 45-minute episodes. All 8 episodes will be available on release day.

Hawkeye fans can follow along with George Kittle's journey, closer than they have ever before.

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