It's time someone asks the question. After all the news that has gone on this past season and into the summer, is it possible LeBron isn't desirable to play alongside anymore?

Just sit and think about it for a minute, I'm not saying it's true but just putting the idea out there because it's not as unreasonable as one would think given the history.

We've already heard hundreds of rumors about literally being the GM of his teams. He's basically gotten Mike Brown and David Platt fired from the Cleveland organization. He had a season long pissing match with Erik Spoelstra, then had a difference with Pat Riley, so he left Miami.

He returned to Cleveland and had the organization build him a super team but that wasn't good enough, so now there's apparently issues with Dan Gilbert again.

It's obvious to anyone who watches the game that LeBron expects more from his teammates than the organization or coaches do. He's yelled at and called out his teammates publicly on a number of occasions.

In Miami, Chris Bosh was reportedly unhappy with his role, how he was used within the system and how he was treated as a second tier player. Then this past season the same rumors were said to be true about Kevin Love and now all of the sudden Kyrie Irving wants to be traded.

I was once told by a former Miami Heat player that there were times LeBron wouldn't let his teammates use their cell phones at dinner or when they were out because he was fearful of them taking pictures. 

Looking at just those handful of occurrences, is it really that ridiculous to think that maybe other star players don't want to deal with LeBron's drama? Especially now since it looks near impossible to get past the Warriors?

Have we reached the point where other players are no longer willing to play by LeBron's rules because even LeBron's odds to win a championship are significantly lower? We'll likely never know because no other superstar would ever admit that.

I'm a total LeBron supporter and in my opinion he's the best player in the league by a mile but at this point it's a fair question to ask if teammates or other superstars think his drama is worth their time.

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