Do you live by yourself, just the two of you, or is it more mouths than you can count? Depending on your answer may well determine how much food you have on hand.

This may sound a bit overkill, but in our house of two, we have two refrigerators and two large deep freezers. The latter are both near capacity.

One of the reasons is, we stay home a lot and cook. Plus, we have guests for meals. Another reason is I mostly live in the kitchen.

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Our freezers are always stocked. And yes, this time of year, even more so with the yield from the garden. We freeze whole and dehydrate tomatoes, beans, corn, carrots and peppers. Bags of early-season rhubarb. Plus plenty of basil.

But we also make room for baked goods and made-from-scratch soups.

Ours is not your typical freezer-fare but, when asked, I'm surprised that many others do the same.

On the farm, it's very common to have beef, pork, lamb, and chickens in bulk.

So I wonder if my wife will mind getting rid of her treadmill to make room for a third freezer!

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