January in Sioux Falls only means one thing...Burger Battle! This year's Downtown Sioux Falls Burger Battle is pretty intense. A record 37 savory burgers from local Sioux Falls restaurants are looking for your stomachs and votes.

When it comes to burgers, there definitely is one for everyone, especially in Sioux Falls! Sponsored by First Western Bank & Trust, the 11th annual Downtown Sioux Falls Burger Battle features burgers residents can sink their teeth into. Looking to satisfy your sweet tooth or a little extra heat with your meat? You'll find it on this year's Burger Battle ballot.

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It's hard to decide which of the 37 burgers to try. But someone has to do it! This burger from JL Beers is a fiery treat! They are calling this burger creation the Fiery Street Corn Burger. There are a few interesting ingredients on this burger, including Flamin' Hot Cheetos!

According to a previous article from my co-worker Jeff Harkness, the Fiery Street Corn Burger is "a signature bun and a 1/4 lb. of fresh ground beef, topped it with a mix of fire roasted street corn, diced peppers & onions, a combination of cream and cheddar cheeses and Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. Finished with a little serrano pepper sauce, lime juice and cilantro." I'll admit...I wasn't sure about this burger since it has Flamin' Hot Cheetos on it. I'm a fan of the popular snack food. Just not on my burger. But to my surprise, the combination works!

Christine Manika (TSM)
Christine Manika (TSM)

The Flamin' Hot Cheetos did not stay on the Fiery Street Corn Burger that well. But that didn't really matter because of the delicious taste of the roasted sweet corn! The patty itself was good. However, the star of the show on this burger in my opinion was the roasted sweet corn. I also enjoyed the extra spices and flavors to add to the fire of this burger.

Don't let the Flamin' Hot Cheetos steer you away from the Fiery Street Corn Burger! It's worth a taste!

More reviews from this year's Downtown Sioux Falls Burger Battle can be found here:

Don't forget! Residents can vote for their favorite burgers by Wednesday, January 31st on the DTSF Mobile Passport. Get to eating, Sioux Falls!

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