A new App is creating some major buzz, as it allows consumers to purchase fresh food directly from local farms. It's a nationwide App but already has several outlets in the state of South Dakota.

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Credit: Canva
Credit: Canva

The new App, called Farmishallows individuals to buy and sell farm fresh produce, chicken eggs, honey, garden supplies, and more.

The App's creator, Terra Osman, explains it's like Craigslist for farmers and gardeners:

Not everyone can get to a farmers' market on a Saturday morning. It's just not possible. We are in northern Kent County, some of the best soil in the world for growing apples, growing fruit, and so we know those sources are out there.

-WZZM Website

According to the App, users can search on a map by keyword for products for sale. Then, all you have to do is message the seller to arrange a pickup or delivery.

Farmish, not only helps people add more local fresh food to their diet, but it also helps with networking:

Farmish has resulted in both professional and personal relationships with incredible customers and people in my local community. Not only have I been able to network and make sales but I have never eaten better or cleaner in my life! I downloaded it when I was the only producer within 50 miles and now there are over 40 in my town alone! I can’t wait to see what else Farmish has up their sleeve!

-Lazy C Cattle Company/Farmish Website

To learn more about Farmish and to see what local farmers are selling in your area, download the Farmish App in Google Play or the App Store.

Story Sources: Farmish Website

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