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South Dakota Is The Definition Of Rural. Here's Proof

There's no doubt about it, South Dakota is a rural state. And might I add, proudly so.

Yep, it can certainly be a long way from here to there with not a whole lot of folks in between. Getting from this great community to that great community will take a little time, and maybe more than a little time. So again, repeating for you folks that have never been to the Rushmore State, South Dakota is rural.

But wait a minute..what is 'rural'? I mean, what exactly is 'rural'? Well, it depends on who you ask, and where you look.

10 Smallest Towns in South Dakota

South Dakota is loaded with small towns in every corner of the state. But where are the smallest towns in the Mount Rushmore state? According to the latest census data, here are the ten smallest towns in all of South Dakota.

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