For some people, the scariest thing about higher education is student loans.

But at one of South Dakota's finest colleges, Mount Marty University, there may be more than students and teachers on campus!

Mount Marty College earns a spot on the Only In Your State website thanks to the ghosts that apparently drift around Whitby Hall. Open since 1955, if you happen to see an apparition roaming around in gray polyester pants, you're not alone. And who are those guys in blue suits floating along?

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And while you're studying hard in the library, you might just notice some apparitions floating around. Yes, ghosts.

Hear footsteps and don't see anyone? Notice those weird shadows over there by the trees? Hmmm...

But there's no reason to be concerned, apparently, these ghosts are of the friendly variety. So while you're getting a great education at Mount Marty, and enjoying one of the most beautiful cities in South Dakota in Yankton, you just might pick up a few new friends you hadn't been counting on!

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We asked our listeners to tell us their scary stories Maybe it was a ghost, maybe you thought someone was in the house, maybe you heard weird noises, maybe stuff moved without anybody touching it! We wanted to hear it all!

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