As we celebrate our nation's independence, remember to respect the men and women who have spent parts of their lives serving the nation.

The explosion of fireworks can seem like summer fun to many, but they can trigger serious PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) symptoms in combat veterans.

Dr. Jeffrey Fine, Director of the PTSD program at VA New York Harbor Healthcare System says that there can be a range of reactions to fireworks, "...from a startle to a full-blown anxiety attack and flashback of combat." Dr Fine added, “It’s upsetting to most Veterans with PTSD. It’s something they try to avoid.”

“The flash of light, firecrackers, can sound to them like mortar attacks,” says Clinical Psychologist Dr. Wendy Katz who treats many Veterans with PTSD who dread the Fourth.

Here are some recommendations from the Department of Veterans Affairs:

"Families can help ease the anxiety, said Clinical Psychologist Dr. Michael Kramer, a PTSD specialist at VANYHHS. If a Veteran has a strong negative reaction, he can have the support of his family and friends by anticipating a possible reaction and preparing for it.”

In this video, Seth Maier, Veterans Representative from Worksource Spokane in Washington state talks about the effects fireworks can have.

Be aware of what's going on when celebrating this Fourth of July.

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