Winning big in Powerball has proven to be quite unlucky lately.

It's been more than two months now since one ticket matched all five numbers and the Powerball, October 11 to be exact, when one lucky player in California captured the $1.7 billion top prize and the $774 million cash payout that came with it.

Since then, 29 drawings and no big winners.

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So with the jackpot now above half a billion dollars ($572 million with a cash payout of $286.7 million) for the fourth time this year for Wednesday's (December 20) drawing, it's time to think about just how you're going to go about selecting those winning numbers.

Do you roll the dice on quick picks or are you a pick-your-own-numbers kind of person?

If you prefer to make your own selections but use the calendar (birthdays, anniversaries) as your guide, you may be missing out on millions.

The gambling site has tracked the numbers from the last eight years of Powerball drawings and they found that only two of the top ten most frequently pulled ping pong balls fall between 1-31.

Their research shows that digits in the 60s have some of the highest chances of coming up.


  • 61 (90%)
  • 32 (89%)
  • 63 (88%)
  • 21 87%)
  • 36 (84%)
  • 69 (82%)
  • 23 (82%)
  • 64 (81%)
  • 39 (79%)
  • 37 (79%)

So which numbers should you avoid? This unlucky bunch that, for the most part, fall below 50.


  • 13 (51%)
  • 49 (54%)
  • 34 (54%)
  • 29 (57%)
  • 26 (58%)
  • 5 (59%)
  • 51 (59%)
  • 60 (59%)
  • 4 (59%)
  • 43 (60%)

Good luck and if you are successful with these numbers, I can get you my Venmo info.

Just sayin'...

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