"I love to clean"....said no one ever.  So when there are shortcuts, why not take them?  That's what I say anyway.  Especially when the shortcut also means that you don't need to use toxic or harsh chemicals and all it takes is a kitchen staple that you already have right there in the drawer or pantry.

Photo by Brooks O'Brian
Photo by Brooks O'Brian

That's where Aluminum foil comes into play.  Prepare to be amazed at how much this household staple can do.


  1. Restore Dull Silverware: This one is my favorite because besides tearing off a piece of aluminum foil and scrunching it into a ball, there's no work involved.  Just take that ball of foil and place it in the silverware compartment of your dishwasher with the silverware. run the wash like you normally would and voila! You'll have a new shine to your spoons, forks and knives.
Photo by Brooks O'Brian
Photo by Brooks O'Brian
  1.  Oven Racks: These get so many drips in the nooks and crannies and it seems that no matter how hard you scrub they are just too difficult to remove.  But when you loosely ball up some aluminum foil and use that and some dish soap, all those drips, grease and baked on food comes off much easier.
  2. Oven: This one seems obvious but people tend to forget about it.  Want to avoid having to clean the oven often? Just line the bottom with aluminum foil.  Change it out somewhat often so that spills don't cook and smoke. Changing it out is way easier then scrubbing off the baked on mess!
  3. Help Chrome Fixtures Shine: All that mineral build-up around your faucets can be gone with a foil once-over.  Just rub those chrome fixtures and sinks in your kitchen and bathrooms with a piece of aluminum foil.  It'll shine the chrome and get rid of the water spots.
  4. Refresh Your Iron:  If you're like me, you don't iron often.  But there are times I do and I hate it when the different starches, sprays and even some of the synthetic materials stick to the soleplate of your iron.  To clean it off, just turn it on the lowest setting and use the aluminum foil to gently scrub it off.
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H/T: cheapism and allrecipes.com

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