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When you're older and you have a cellphone problem If you're like some people, you just hand over the phone to your grandchild for help. If the grandchild has a history question as part of their school work, they may pay the grandparent a visit. Is that what it's like around your house?

With age comes wisdom. We hope. If you're on the north side of, let's say 60, then you have a practical understanding of how life was before many of today's gadgets, everyday routines, and common sense practices.

Without further ado. . .

20 Things You Used Or Did That Say, "You Are Old"

You Know You're Old If You Did, Or Used One Of These 20 Things

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The iconic (and at times silly) toys, technologies, and electronics have been usurped since their grand entrance, either by advances in technology or breakthroughs in common sense. See how many things on this list trigger childhood memories—and which ones were here and gone so fast you missed them entirely.

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