Time to call Rammstein, cuz we need some angry German screaming right now.

In what's being called "the largest password compilation ever", Cybernews researchers have uncovered a giant trove of passwords on a popular hacking forum (those exist?!). It contains 9,948,575,739 unique passwords. Cue Dr. Evil.

RockYou2024 Database Exposes Nearly 10 Billion Passwords

What sucks about this hack is that it compiles old AND new passwords into one easily hack-a-licious document. Cybernews warns that this increases the risk of something called "credential stuffing".

Credential Stuffing

This is a technique that uses passwords from a data hack and attempts to use them on unrelated sites and services; like using your Verizon password to log into your bank account. If it's the same password, it's a big CHA-CHING for the hacker.

How To Better Protect Yourself From Hackers

I'm also once again calling for the elimination of the internet. It was (sometimes) fun while it lasted.

H/T: PC Mag

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