SALT LAKE CITY- A 17-year-old has landed in legal trouble for a bizarre social media prank in which he taped fish to various objects, including ATMs and police cars, according to Provo Police Department.

Who Is This Fishy Prankster

The prankster, known on Instagram as fish_bandit84, has posted about 13 instances of these peculiar displays.

Taking Pictures And Videos Of His Tape Job

His social media antics even extend to TikTok where more videos can be found of fish taped to various objects. A significant number of his posts, including one showing three trout taped to a police car, received substantial attention online. This video alone received nearly 30,000 likes.  

The teen has more than 52,000 followers on Instagram, where he has been documenting his antics since August 2023.

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A post shared by The fisherman (@fish_bandit84)

Among the comments was one reading: “Diabolical, new anti-hero roaming the streets.” It was liked by the account owner.

Teenager Facing Charges

However, authorities are not laughing. The teenager now faces two charges of property damage due to the cleanup costs. These charges have been referred to Juvenile Justice and Youth Services.

The Provo Police Department closed the case in December, stating that they would not discuss it further while it is being processed.

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