If you've been to a Kwik Trip, chances are you've noticed the small TVs playing at the gas pump. Typically, I don't pay much attention to them since the content isn't usually of interest to me. However, while filling up the other day, a message playing on the screen grabbed my attention.

I heard the click as the pump shut off letting me know my tank was full, but I was so interested in the piece playing on the little screen that I sat there for another minute to watch all of it.

Minnesota's alcohol laws are embarrassingly outdated. We're the only state in the entire country that still sells 3.2 beer and one of only a few states that restrict beer and wine sales to liquor stores. The 3.2 law dates back to probation, why is that still a thing?


The segment I saw on 'Cheddar News' or whatever they call those little TVs was about a coalition called Red, White, and Brew which is a group of "consumers and retailers dedicated to modernizing our alcohol laws to allow more freedom where we shop."

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I grew up in Nebraska where liquor sales are legal in gas stations and grocery stores and I loved the convenience of one-stop shopping. I've lived in Minnesota for nearly two decades now and can't wait for this law to be updated.

Red, White, and Brew says nearly two-thirds (64%) of Minnesotans "support modernizing Minnesota's liquor laws and the convenience of having full-strength beer and wine available at grocery and convenience stores."

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